The former slaughterhouse in Pforzheim

Gewerbekultur Alter Schlachthof Pforzheim e.G. is a cooperative project that was set up to create a vibrant creative zone with communal living, work facilities, art and culture on the Alter Schlachthof site in the north-eastern quarter of Pforzheim. The former slaughterhouse building will be further developed over the next few years as a forum for art and commerce. Meanwhile, new buildings will be constructed on the two-hectare campus, primarily for housing and services. Central to the project are the values of community, protection of the environment and affordability. The members of the cooperative have the opportunity – and indeed are encouraged – to get involved in the planning and development of the site, so that the resulting communal project is both environmentally sustainable and affordable. Art and culture are an important concern for the cooperative, because the artists and creative people who are attracted to the Alter Schlachthof give it an identity, enlivening it with studio spaces and cultural events, as well as the provision of cultural education. This cultural quarter is intended to be accessible to all-comers and fully inclusive, so that a mixture of social classes across generations feel truly welcome when they visit.

MIPF (Musicians’ Initiative Pforzheim and Enzkreis)

MIPF – where the music is! The Musicians’ Initiative Pforzheim and Enzkreis has been arranging performances for local bands and artists for the past 40 years or so. Events such as the Pforzheim Market Place Festival, the Horch concert series, the Shortplay Festival in Kulturhaus Osterfeld and the Gute Töne Festival were staged in cooperation with various other Pforzheim institutions. MIPF works with the Jewellery sub-committee of the Pforzheim Arts Council on the organisation of Schmuck+, with special responsibility for the musical aspect and for technical support.