What is Schmuck+?

Schmuck+ is the successor exhibition to Lust auf Schmuck, an annual event that enriched the cultural life of Pforzheim for 13 years. The overall concept has, however, undergone some changes.

We aim to bring together jewellery artists and creative types from Germany and abroad and to get local residents involved in the project.

We want to give fresh impetus to Pforzheim’s jewellery-making tradition.

And we want the dialogue to extend beyond Pforzheim and Germany to the greater enrichment of us all.  Over a two-day period, designers from home and abroad will present and sell high-quality products of their own labour in the sector of jewellery and decorative items.

Working in collaboration with MIPF e.V., we will also put together a varied programme of music.

About the organisers of Schmuck+

We are the Jewellery sub-committee of Pforzheimer Kulturrat, the local arts council. We aim to provide a platform for all interested parties, nationally and internationally, though especially in the city of Pforzheim and its surroundings, and to enter into dialogue with them.

The purpose behind our commitment and activities in the city of Pforzheim is to highlight current and future creative and technical trends in the jewellery and decorative items sector, as well as monitoring developments and communicating these to interested parties.

Jewellery has the quality of bringing interpersonal and cultural values into sharper focus and thus serves as the basis for exchange and communication of ideas.

There are no limits on jewellery in terms of materials used, shape, size and market positioning.

Previous projects:

  • 2020 Exhibition in Pforzheim Jewellery Museum: Schmuck. Introducing the Jewellery sub-committee of Pforzheim Arts Council
  • 2020/21 Pop-up shop in Pforzheim: Schmuck* (13 jewellery makers present their work)
  • 2021 Pop-up shop in Pforzheim: 5 jewellery makers and 5 visual artists interact with each other
  • 2021 Schmuck+ extra
  • 2022 Schmuck+ Reuchlin
  • 2022 PopUp Leo4X-mas
  • 2023 Schmuck+